#Journey_to_God _ The philosophy of fear and hope

The philosophy of fear and hope Fear and hope show that the system of the universe is based on a calculation and is governed by a special law so that man can achieve the goals set by God Almighty. Therefore, when man wants to do something, he should pay attention to the fear of God and proceed with caution so that he does not deviate from the goals of the universe. The believer attributes the system of existence to an infinite reality, which is why he is afraid of creating obstacles in his material and spiritual activities by himself. Therefore, Amir al-mu’minin Ali (AS) says: Do not be afraid of the oppression of your Lord, for He is never unjust and is the most merciful. Therefore, the fear of God Almighty is for the purpose to attain divine mercy, but there are certain conditions for attaining this infinite mercy which must be considered. Signs of fear of God, If a person fears God, he will be afraid of sin and error because he knows that sin prevents him from moving towards divine mercy. Sin means transgressing divine limits and transgressing divine limits is cruelty! Cruelty is against Justice. If a person deviates from the limits set by God for him, he will commit injustice. Man must be rational in order to be just and to avoid oppression, because reason shows man facts. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: The basis of wisdom is the fear of Allah. Wisdom means understanding the realities of the universe and relating them to God Almighty. Man should pay maximum attention to the realities of the universe and know that every creature has its own special reality. God-fearing requirements and accessories God Almighty is not a fearful creature to which man cannot get near in fear, infect He is the Most Merciful who created man to reach His nearness, and this special closeness needs a special kind of attraction. And love is the same attraction that has been engraved in human existence. The believing man always accounts for like God, God is most swift in accountability and is aware of man’s past and future deeds. God made man His manifestation, so if man is just, he can separate perfection from imperfection and avoid sin, and he can understand that everything that appears on the Day of Resurrection is the result of human deeds.

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