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Fasting Rights

#Fasting Rights
7️⃣ #Part_Seven

❇️ The Prophet of God (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) said to a Jewish person who asked about the rewards of fasting:

“God Almighty grants certain things to the one who fasts:
1️⃣ First, washes away the sins from his body.
2️⃣ Second, he becomes closer to God’s mercy.
3️⃣ Third, the hardships of death become easy for him.
4️⃣ Fourth, he will be safe from hunger and thirst on the Day of Judgment.
5️⃣ Fifth, God Almighty grants him immunity from the Fire.
6️⃣ Sixth, He provides him with the pure foods of Paradise.”

📚 Taken from the book “Human and the Expanse of Servitude” 📚


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