#Pearls_of_Wisdom 👤 Human beings inherently have mental vulnerabilities. 1️⃣ These #vulnerabilities are sometimes related to life matters, work, relationships with others, managing life, and such vulnerabilities that are not problematic and are necessary for material life. 2️⃣ The second type of #temptations is related to doing things that are #against_religion and against the conventional norms of life. One should not pay attention to this type of #vulnerabilities with #awareness of religious rulings and duties. ❗️ The emergence of these vulnerabilities does not involve sin, and only acting on them is sinful. Efforts should be made to prevent the #continuation of these vulnerabilities so that it does not turn into thoughts of sin or spiritual obsession. “Although thinking about sin is not considered a sin, except in the case of bad thoughts about God and His servants.” 🌀 However, the dimensions of obsession are vast, _ at any given time, the tendencies of a person take a special shape, _ and the criterion for distinguishing it is the opposition to the practical and ethical commands of the sacred religion ✅ which, with the solutions mentioned, can be #prevented from intensifying and becoming practical. #Mental_Vulnerabilities #Awareness_of_Rulings #Negligence

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