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🎙 Question ❓ What is meant by the tricks and betrayal of the nafs? ✍ Answer ☝️ Any temptation that draws our attention to sin and forces us to abandon duties should not be continued till it reaches the stage of action. 🚫 Otherwise, in the other case, the human being has suffered from the deception of the nafs. ☝️ Indeed, after committing a bad deed or sin, one should seek forgiveness and show remorse. Otherwise, the nafs justifies it and shows it a good deed. 🔷 Before applying it, see if this thought is satanic or divine? If a person does not care about it, Satan can show the reality in reverse. 👌 And the criterion of a thought being #satanic is that it invites to things that are against the divine beliefs and Shariah. #Nafs_betray #Asking_for_forgiveness #Review

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