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#Pure Points

🔸 Repentance and turning to God is not a specific and tiring act or worship. The Merciful God has opened the door of mercy and compassion to the sinful servants in such a way that they do not have to toil, struggle and plead for repentance, but only an attention to man’s own mistakes, negligence and sins and to feel ashamed of them is the repentance of a slave towards God, and with this attention, Allah has interrupted the continuation of his negligence. That is why man should take advantage of this situation and try to fulfill the conditions of repentance. 🔸 One of the most important and precise issues in the fight against evil tempations is the identification of the ways in which evil temtations infiltrate. Satan sometimes tries to penetrate the human heart and soul through theological whispers. In this case, it is man’s duty to first ignore these obsessions and then to thwart Satan’s attack by thinking and pondering on religious beliefs. 🔸Undoubtedly, repentance from God Almighty is life for the human heart, and obviously the precise and deeper it is, the more life will come to the heart. 🔸 In principle, man’s attention to his sins and the sense of loss is a blessing for the servants of God Almighty. 🔸 The characteristic of temptation is that it is an action or thought which results in turning away from God Almighty. 🔸 There is only one basic desire and goal in the heart of a believer, and that is to pay attention to God Almighty and to reach Him. 🔸 When the purpose of man’s existence is to reach the Beloved and reunion with God, then it is clear that the expression of enmity and sin will deprive him of this important desire. 🔸 The believer should confess his mistake only and exclusively in the presence of his Lord so that due to this expression of humility, misery and remorse, the ocean of mercy may erupt and forgive him. 🔸 The important point is that the lack of full attention to the reality of istighfar should not lead to its abandonment. Because it is necessary to perform the dhikr itself and certainly it is not ineffective. 🔸 Satan tries to deprive man of action with the weapon of temptation. It is the duty of man not to pay attention to this trap of Satan in the first stage and to try to remove this temptation from his mind in the next stage.

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