#Scattered_pearls Human beings naturally have daily needs, for which the market is a place to fulfill. One of the tactics of the #Satan and the #nafs to turn man away from God and human perfection is to “replace non-basic needs with his basic needs”. #Man‘s most important needs are those that bring him momentarily closer to God. And Satan engages man in worldly desires through sensual desires, and it is natural that when the heart and mind of man are engrossed in worldly needs, there is no attention left for #Zikr. This world has many #colors and forms to #deceive a person. There are very few people who removed the veil of the world from its face and understood the #reality of the world and gave it three #talaqs like Ali a.s. The #love of the world has no meaning in their existence because they have understood the #reality of the world. But there are many who straight away lose their focus just due to the short exposure of the world and become overwhelmed by their evil nafs. #Devil #Nafs #World

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