Talking to Scholars

God has made conversation with others an important tool to convey the outward and inward needs of man.
:arrow_left: Therefore, during and after the education, the student should discuss his/her problems with the relevant #experts to:

:point_up: Firstly: He should be clear about the positive aspects of his information and he should make sure that the methods and paths he adopted are correct.
✓ To enable them to be transferred to others.

:v:Secondly: Make the flaws of his knowledge and his mistakes clear to himself.
✓ So that one can get out of the ignorance and reach the true knowledge.

:point_up::v:Thirdly: #To be able to inform others about wrong and flawed practices and wrong information.
:ok_hand: In this case, the human being is on the path to the elevation and development of knowledge and great scholars.

:seedling: For this reason, Imam Ali (as) while describing the attributes of knowledge and scholars, says:

:dizzy: «وَ جَيْشُهُ مُحَاوَرَةُ الْعُلَمَاء»
“And his army is talking to the scholars”

That is, just as a nation in order to dominate its enemy, needs to be prepared for war by having soldiers who are experienced and skilled in the techniques of war.
Similarly, in order to defeat the enemy of Jahiliyyah to achieve peace and order and a life of piety, for himself and for others, the scholar should exchange and discuss with the best scholars in its respective field.

So always through
:one: #Maturity of information
2. by adopting concrete methods one should overcome the hordes of ignorance and its obstacles.

Imam Ali (as) says:

:dizzy: “many sayings are more effective than an armed attack.”


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